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Cartier is one of the oldest and most famous names in the watch industry. There are thousands of companies to date known for manufacturing different types of watches but when it comes to Cartier things work differently regarding watches. Cartiers were famous for designing luxurious watches. They use various different types of jewelry crafted on the watch dial and sometimes also on the wrist strap. Such things provide a premium look to the watch. Such watches are really expensive and mean for the people of the rich community. The luxury of such watches went to the next level when the company manufacture hand made watches instead of machine-made.

Hand made watches are also called as hand-crafted watches. Although moving parts of the watch are machine-made and when it comes to its premium touch a special team of the jeweler is assigned by the company for the fitting of most unique and premium jewels on the frame of the watch. Cartier watches are available in most countries, in case if there is no particular store available in a specific country in that case company prefers to sell cartier watch online. Currently, there is a minimum of two hundred official Cartier stores opened in one hundred twenty-five countries.

While selling their products company also provide their customer with a certificate of originality and also become a member of the Cartier watch family. Cartier company is one of the highest reputable companies under the category of premium and luxury watches. The company is almost two and a half-century old and still capable of maintaining its reputation. Today whenever someone thinks of getting a luxurious watch the first thing that comes into their mind is the Cartier watch. Cartier use some special and unique type of jewel for providing premium touch to the watch. One of the best things about Cartier is that they not only use jewels for decorating frames along with that they also use high cutting jewel stones in manufacturing internal moving components of the watch.

Unlike metal, jewel-made components produce less friction when they get rubbed with each other although if the friction is less, then it is simple to understand that the watch will last longer as compared to normal low-quality metal components made watches. It is one of the best things that you can observe in Cartier watches.