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You usually think that your house is impervious to burglars with doors accurately locked and installing security systems. However, burglars take benefit of the loopholes you are almost certainly ignored. Traditional and simple techniques such as lock bumping can provide a burglar easy admittance into your house.

What is lock bumping?

Lock bumping is a lock picking method or technique for unlocking a pin tumbler lock by means of a specially crafted rapping key, bump key or 999 key. It is a technique utilized by locksmiths to unlock locked doors with no key and is evenly popularly used by robbers to break into houses. In this method, a down key that is specially filed is inserted into the cylinder lock. On a key making machine the ridge is cut to a maximum depth of nine and that’s why, the bump key is also called as the 999 key.

As per the information presented by expert locksmiths, many burglars utilize the lock bumping method. They use this technique because there is no sign of forced entrance or the necessity to vandalize property which could alarm passersby or house owners. It takes only a few minutes to complete and does not make any loud noise. These cylinder locks are too weak and the key utilized to bump a lock is available easily by just ordered over the internet. Also the process doesn’t need any special expertise. Therefore, it is essential to think about how vulnerable your house is to lock bumping when assessing the safety requirements of your office or house.

Securing Your house against Lock Bumping

It is crucial to protect your house against lock bumping. It comprises beefing up additional security measures and installing stronger locks. A few measures have been listed below.

1. Replace all the old cylinder locks around your home if possible. Nowadays, locksmiths have started built-up locks that are both resistant to picking and bumping. It is quite hard to get a bump key for these new modern locks.

2. If the changing locks project is too costly for the moment, you can think about modifying the current locks by asking an expert locksmith newark nj to add more pins. Re-keying locks makes it hard to choose and bump locks.

3. Locks nowadays have a choice to fix a protector over the cylinder. This metal guard secures the cylinder and needs magnetized keys to unlock it. Since the key can’t be duplicated, there are no odds of bumping a lock.

4. Install a house safety system to observe outdoor and indoor areas. The house security system aware house owners when a door has been unlocked by tampering the lock. You can make it too hard for intruders to break into your house by adding up chain latches to exterior doors.