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Selling a pre-owned watch to collectors and dealers for a reasonable price might be just as intimidating as buying a new one. You can sell your watch in several ways, including directly to dealers or auction houses, as well as to an online store.

Whether you are selling as a private seller or a dealer, the documents will be of tremendous value and help both you and the purchaser. Always include all of your watch’s documents and paperwork, even if they’re not necessarily listed in the advertisement. The extra bit of information will help to reassure your buyer about the authenticity of your item. For collectors, the value of a timepiece is highly influenced by documents like receipts, service history, boxes, and pamphlets. As such, every certificate and piece of information used to prove the authenticity and condition of your watch is valuable.

There are many choices for selling online, including eBay and other online selling platforms. However, if you’re selling an expensive watch look for a buyer with a good history of dealing with watches for the best prices on watches, sell patek philippe watch london is a great choice they are the best international luxury watch buyers and can offer competitive prices for your timepieces. Their streamlined process is free of charge and can take as little as 24 hours. They buy watches directly, there are no fees, and commissions deducted, online listings or middle-men. You can visit them in person or ask for a quote online the process is very simple.

Fill your online valuation form, they will give you an initial valuation based on the data provided by you about the product, thereafter you have to ship your watch via courier fully insured or you can also fix an appointment. The experts will conduct the full valuation of the product and offer you a price based on their valuation. If the deal suites you the will be debited into your account or your hands it depends on your choice.