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Installing locks can be a difficult process. Whether it’s your house or your business, security is crucial. A security breach can occur if the lock is installed incorrectly. Worse, it could result in a house invasion (break-and-enter while inhabitants are at house.) It’s possible that people’s lives, property, and livelihoods will be jeopardized. Installing the lock must be done with accuracy, and should be done correctly the first time.

When should you not do it yourself?

The most basic rule of thumb when it comes to any do-it-yourself job is to not start at all if you have any doubts about your ability to complete it from start to end. When your life and property are at stake, you can’t afford to make mistakes. You can’t afford to start installing locks only to discover halfway through that you are in over your head. Calling in an expert in the middle of a project might take time, leaving your life and belongings insecure until a professional is available. It is most likely not worth the risk.

One more consideration you should make when it comes to installing locks is the type of lock you’re using. Some types of locks, such as cylindrical locks, are easier and simpler to install than mortise locks. Cylindrical lock installation needs less cutting and drilling than mortise lock installation. Mortise locks require the cutting of a cavity inside the door-frame. This needs at least a basic knowledge of woodworking, something the average do-it-yourself does not necessarily have.

If you consider you are up to installing locks yourself, consider this checklist BEFORE you start:

1. Read and understand the guarantee/warranty. Most lock products come with some kind of guarantee. However, the guarantee may become invalid if the lock has broken or has malfunctioned because of incorrect lock installation. Do not inadvertently void your own product guarantee.

2. Check your insurance. Ensure your renters/homeowner’s or business insurance will still cover a break-in even if you install locks yourself. This is mainly important with commercial lock installation. Few things are more distressing than being denied coverage for a break-in because you did not read the fine print on your insurance contract. If you are unable to install locks, the best option is to call a locksmith yonkers.