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Break-ins are most common when no one is at home. So, whether you’re going for a quick walk or planning a long vacation, keep these easy and basic safety and security steps in mind to avoid home break-ins. Assess the security risks in your home to prevent break-ins. For the safety and security of your houses, be alert in recognizing household practices that need to be altered and weak points that need to be fixed immediately.

All of your doors should be secured with high-quality door locks to prevent criminals from breaking in. If two deadbolts are allowed in your location, use them. Lock sliding doors and place a metal rod at the base to make them harder to open.

Always keep an eye on your windows! Even if you’re only going for a short walk, don’t leave it partly open. Install grills on your windows to prevent criminals from readily breaking in when the glass is shattered, and a device to prevent windows from rising high enough for someone to crawl through.

Garden tools and other items that could be used to gain access to your home should be kept out of sight. Thieves frequently use these for residential break-ins.

Because skilled burglars already know your “secret hiding places,” leave your extra key with a trusted neighbor. Your neighbor can keep an eye on your home and keep it safe from break-ins.

Light up your home and the places around it. When you are away, photosensitive bulbs that turn on and off automatically are more energy-efficient and useful than continually lit lights that will reveal your absence. Also, make sure that all your locks are working in the best way and you have the best security systems installed in your home. If you don’t have one you can simply get them installed by hiring locksmith new brunswick nj as they have been dealing with all kinds of security-related issues for several years.

Do not paint your name on the mailbox to introduce yourself to the community of thieves. It will be simple for them to get your phone number, which they might use to check if you are at home or not.

Talk to your mailman and newspaper delivery service to stop deliveries while you are away to prevent house break-ins. If the mailbox is overflowing and the yard is cluttered with newspapers then the thieves will get to know that no one is home.