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No house can be totally sacrosanct to the threat of burglars. However, the risk can be greatly reduced by preventive planning and common-sense precautions. To determine your home’s security level, use this test. Any negative finding indicates a weakness that could assist a criminal. Since you have no negative results, the risk that will become a victim of burglars is decreased. Take this test systematically and carefully. Remember, in your security program, this test point out weaknesses. Until corrected, you may not protect them sufficiently. Of course, total security never exists. No one can guarantee that you’ll not become a victim of burglars through this test and follow locksmith suggestions. It will significantly reduce the chances, however.

Did You Know?

Most crimes occur because someone gave a criminal a chance to act.

– Most robberies are unplanned

– No neighborhood (rich or poor) is not secure from crime.

– Expert burglars are very uncommon

– Most robbers are neighborhood juveniles and foreigners.

– Most robbers are never caught.

– Most stolen possessions are never recovered.

– Most robberies take place in days.

– Most robbers enter through the unlocked windows or doors.

– It takes less than 2 minutes for the average robber to enter your house.

– Just the risk of sight or heard will deter most robbers.

– If you shoot a robber can be arrested and sued.

– Most robbers will enter into an occupied house.

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