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There are a lot of benefits to key control systems that include master keys. Especially for multi-site organizations, master key systems are a critical security tool that gives your facilities managers necessary access to all areas of their location. From better control over your key security to extreme expediency, master keys are utilized by lots of businesses for smooth and effective key management. Take a look at Insta Key’s master key capabilities to illustrate the advantages of this type of security system.

Here are the things you didn’t know about master key system security:

1. Master key systems are created on restricted keyways

If a criminal manages to duplicate a key for your locking system, the security implications for your business could be disastrous. Workers who duplicate keys for their own expediency can also open up serious safety holes for your business. This is why master keys are created on limited keyways, which prevents illegal copying. Restricted keyways are patented, which means that they cannot be sold on the open market and cannot be copied at a hardware store or commercial location. Rather than, master keys can just be copied with your permission by your key provider.

2. Master keys have key serialization

A unique serial number is assigned to each key in a restricted key control program, allowing you to identify specific keys for your locking system at any time. This includes the master keys. Each serial number may be used to track keys back to their owners as well as provide information about the key and the portion of your system it can access. This information makes sure you track your keys 24-hours a day, 7 days a week with cloud-based key tracking software. The birth-to-death tracking offered by master key serialization helps to make sure that you always know precisely how many keys exist, who holds them, and what level of access each key provides.

To know more about master keys and how they can assist get better your organization’s keyed security, talk to locksmith north miami experts.