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Are you wondering what to do with your old timepiece? Does it still work, but you just no longer need it? If so, it might be a good thought to go ahead and sell breitling watch. There are several things that you can take into account before you stick a price tag on it and go door to door to try to sell it. You need to know how to get your watch to prepare for a sale, how to price it, and how to show it.

Preparing your watch for sale

You may want to take it to a watch repair shop and get it working again if your watch is broken. Go ahead and change it if you need to replace the battery. If it does not work or if the battery is dead, you should not attempt to sell your watch. It wouldn’t make the customer happy, and that just is not good business.

Think about replacing the watchband. A new watchband can make it more attractive to consumers if the original band is broken or worn. The only exception to this rule is if it’s a collectible watch that will add to the value, in which case the original strap, scratches, etc.

You can clean and polish your watch to make it look new. Again, to demonstrate the age of the watch, an old collector’s watch should be left alone.

How to Price Your Watch                                                                                                

Do some research regarding the price of watches that are similar to yours? Out of what material is it made? What characteristics does it have? Is it digital or analog? What’s the brand? Before you settle on a price, consider all of these factors. Of course, for brand new versions of your watch, you should set your price a little lower.