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There should be no doubt in understanding the actual reason behind the popularity of a locksmith. Locksmiths are famous for two major things first is the various sectors  that are covered within the locksmithing services and second is the wide variety of locks that are introduced by them or generally used by them for securing buildings and properties. In the category of locks, the whole locksmith community sets a milestone or does tremendous work within it. Some most common and high-quality locks introduced by locksmiths are padlock, deadbolt locks, pin tumbler locks, interchangeable core-based locking system, knob lock, lever handle lock, rim mortise lock, thumb rotating knob, and many others.

 All such kind of locks holds manual configuration which means for its use client require some additional force and technique and also for using such kind of locks mainly opening and closing you have much needed specific mechanical key for that.  In earlier centuries generally with a lack of technology and resources locksmiths design locks by using their own hands. Every lock that is used in the market is generally designed only by the locksmith, but now things get changed, with modern machines and equipment the involvement of locksmith in making locks and locking components get reduced, machines automatically make locks under the supervision of locksmith.

 Locksmith never stops their based on the current scenario regarding security they now days introduce electronic configuration based locking system, such locks are also called as the automatic locks and mainly require a digital password or transponder key for its operation. In the electronic locking system, two types of keys are mainly used first is the transponder key in which command is given by pressing some button or touch-sensitive system is used and in the second case the use of the electronic card also mainly acts as the key for the electronic locking system. Locksmith Staten Island is a modern locksmith company and highly recommends electronic locks over any kind of manual locking.