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If you want to check how harmful your indoors are then you must go for some indoor pollution check. There are many luxury items in your homes nowadays from air conditioners to chimneys, everything is installed properly at your place and you are reaping its benefits for a long time. But, have you ever considered the number of pollutants that they bring along with them. Possibly not. You will be amazed to know that more than 50% of the illnesses are caused by contaminated indoor air. Therefore there is a vital need to keep a check on the condition of your interiors and here duct cleaning plays a very important role.

HVAC Systems , Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance, Residential and Commercial. Dryer Vent Cleaning, Electrostatic Air Filter and UV lamp replace and installation. Video Inspection, Brush cleaning / vacuuming of air supply source, including blower, cage, coils, pan and return air supply, Sanitize with an Anti-microbial Treatment Allergies and Asthma.

More than 60-90% of the people spend their most time indoors and the chances of lung diseases in such people are quite high. Although having clean ducts can make things normal. Air Duct Cleaning industry has grown extensively in the past few years and everyone knows about its benefits. You will in fact find few people who consider this as a wastage of resources and time. For such people here is some health information that will help them in understanding the importance of air duct cleaning for their place.

Do you know that your ignored ducts are home to harmful allergens and molds? If you won’t take care of them timely and properly then these can be proved harmful for your health. Here are some of the common duct problems that must be corrected on time-

·         Bad odors from the ducts

·         Formation of debris inside the ducts

·         Unwanted microbial growth

·         Permanent water damage in ducts

If you have any of these then you must solve them as quickly as possible as ignoring them will be proved harmful for you as well as your family’s health. Dustless Duct Bethesda can help you in cleaning your  air ducts immediately and in the best way.