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Every watch dealer know that when you part with your luxury watch you will want an instant cash payment and the best possible value. The incredible power of their service is that you have a direct buying experience, so you avoid all fees and will always get the genuine price.

Another benefit of our service is that you take benefit of our 15 years of experience and network of dealers and collectors. Our widespread relationships mean they will frequently find the ideal buyer for your watch, and the final cash cost will be the maximum anybody is eager to pay for it.

You are already at a benefit when you sell audemars piguet watch to us and any of the other items that they buy. However, numerous factors will determine the value of the recommend that they give you when you sell your sumptuousness watch including:

  • The age of your watch, era and traditional luxury watches may have a advanced value.
  • The materials your watch uses, luxury watches usually feature gold, platinum, diamonds and valuable stones that will influence the price.
  • Collectability and infrequency, antique watches are harder to find and will therefore have a higher price.
  • Overall condition, fully-functional and watches free of any damage are more expensive than watches with wear or signs of age.

When you sell Audemars watches with them they will always give the best price possible, but it is difficult to determine a precise price estimate for your luxury watch as there are so lots of variables in play. On the other hand, the cash payment for lots of luxury watch brands that they offer can probably be thousands.