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What is lock bumping? To answer this question, we need to understand a little bit about how locks work. If you’ve ever used a key, then you’re familiar with the basic principle behind a pin and tumbler lock – you push each of the pins into the cylinder until they rest above a shear line. When all of the pins are aligned this way, the cylinder is free to turn, and voila – your door opens.

Lock bumping is one of the most popular methods of home intrusion and works on many standard locks. It’s a very quick process that can be completed in less than 2 minutes without any noise being produced. The lock bumping method has been around for over twenty years, but only over the past decade, it has been gaining popularity among intruders and has increased to the point where it is now the most common means of breaking into an occupied residence.

“Bump keys,” also called a bump key or bumping key, are keys that have been cut with a master key and have that master key’s cuts duplicated down the length of the key tip. This allows the insertion of the regular key into the target lock to cause bumps in the shear line that aligns all of the pin stacks inside the lock cylinder.

A key is a pin tumbler lock’s weakest link. The physical key used to unlock most locks only provides one unique, precise combination. However, a bump key provides a different set of pins to align and create tension while simultaneously knocking the pins back into their original, default position, thus allowing the lock to open. Since 2002, this burglarizing approach has been adopted by home criminals. Approximately 90% of American households have entry doors that can be easily bumped. Lock bumping is a lock picking technique that’s not taught anywhere in mainstream locksmithing education. It’s an easy technique to learn and you can get a beginner started on it quickly (like within an hour or so).

Now you must be concerned about how can you stop this from happening? If you think your locks are not sufficient against these kinds of threats you can also add other security gadgets to your house security like security cameras, anti-lock bumping devices, hi-tech keyless locks, or durable commercial grade locks. Consult with a competent locksmith to improve the security of your home. The specialists at locksmith sugar land can assess the level of security on your residential property and offer upgrades to prevent a burglary from occurring.