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When we talk about luxury watches, Audermars have unmatched popularity. In fact, it’s also the world’s most expensive watch brand according to a recent international report. However, with its status and great demand comes a dynamic bogus market — thus one can be duped into buying a counterfeit piece.

Watches with too-good-to-be-true prices can be spotted immediately, but more complicated counterfeits can be more demanding to recognize. Keep in mind, Audermars is made to the utmost standards – if even a little feature comes across as sub-par, you can be definite that it’s not the real deal. The resale value of this Audermars watches usually not fall. Therefore if you want to sell audermars watch you may get maximum money for it.

Below, we’ll go through the hallmarks that a true Audermars possesses, to help make sure that you’re getting a genuine Audermars watch.

Audermars’ serial and model numbers are intensely imprinted into the metal, while counterfeit watches only have it imprinted by acid, leaving a superficial, sandy-like facade. A genuine Audermars’s numbers are cut intensely enough that they will glow in the light when raised at an angle.

Certainly, a counterfeit Audermars will not measure up to these standards – but the only way to find out is to subject the watch to a water pressure test. We stalwartly dishearten you to do the water pressure test on your own, for the following reasons:

  • If the timepiece is certainly counterfeit, a water pressure test will damage the watch, and you will be not capable to return it.
  • If the watch is genuine but is a period or in need have repaired, it may also not endure a pressure test.
  • If you suspect that your watch is counterfeit, it is best to bring it to an approved Audermars dealer for inspection.

One more thing to watch out for is authentic watches paired with fake bracelets. As wristlets can get prolonged from wear, a seller may prefer to pair a real Audermars watches with an aftermarket bracelet.