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Today with the advancement in time roofing industry becoming big and enlarged. Generally, the roofs of the houses are not get limited to only asphalt shingles, clay, or concrete. Today there is a variety in the roof material get introduced. Commonly nowadays nine different types of materials are used for constructing roofs which are solar tiles, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, stone coated steel, slate, rubber slate, clay and concrete tiles, green roofs, built-up roofing, etc. All above-mentioned material is commonly seen in both cold and summer prone zones.

Regarding the roof design, some of the most common roofs constructed by roofing contractor are the flat roof, shed roof, gable roof, A-frame roof, Hip roof, Mansard roof, Gambrel roof, Saltbox roof, bonnet roof, monitor roof, V-roof, Arched roof, domed roof, etc. Depending upon the client’s personal preference and also the area where they live, a client can go for choosing their roofing style. Before every roof design, there is a specific purpose. Generally, the design of the roofs is categorized into two forms first is the steep roofs and the other one is the shallow roofs. Steep roofs are generally flat in shape and shallow roofs are generally slopy to different degrees. As per the name flat roof, such kind of roofs is not completely flat it contains little slope for maintaining the proper drainage system for throwing out ain water. As all know accumulation of rainwater on the roof can cause a problem to the roof like leakage and growth of mold kind issues. In cold climatic areas, sloppy roofs are most commonly seen than flat roofs, there is a specific reason behind such concept. Slopy roofs contain a sliding mechanism and help a lot in slipping out snow from the roof to the ground instantly, in flat roofs, such a concept is not valid, the snow accumulates over there for longer times and might provide serious issues to the roofs. Roof Repair Miami is a professional mover specialized in dealing with all kinds of roofs including a wide variety of flat roofs and sloppy roofs.