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Crime is an unfortunate part of life and no matter where you live you can find yourself a victim of home intrusion. However, you can put into practice suggestions that can greatly reduce the odds of your family becoming the victim of intrusion from intruders. When it comes to home security, prevention is your strongest protection. So, what are some ways to help secure your home now?

The two most vulnerable spots into your home are your windows and doors. It’s amazing how many people leave them open and/or unlocked. And an unlocked window or door is an open invitation. Even if you’re prudent and always keep your windows closed and locked, most glass panes can be broken very easily. Your first line of defense is to install “secure” locks on all windows and doors – ones that can’t be easily jimmied or picked – thus preventing an easy entry. If the budget allows, hardened glass should be installed in all windows and glass doors. At a minimum, consider replacing all glass doors with hardened glass.

Once you have taken care of your doors and locks, the simplest and most effective way to beef up home security is to have a dog. Your dog should be trained to bark at anyone approaching the house – and continue barking until you signal it off. Intruders want to get into and out of a house quickly and easily. An intruder doesn’t want to call attention to their activity by a dog’s loud and incessant barking. And if the dog is big enough they certainly don’t want to get bitten. All things being equal, an intruder will always pick a house without a barking dog.

Having a home security system with a loud alarm (and backup power in case electrical power is lost) is an excellent addition to any home security plan – whether you have a dog or not. Again, an intruder wants to get into and out of a house as quickly as possible. A loud alarm will call attention to his activity – and cannot be easily turned off. An intruder will always pick a house without an alarm – and flee as soon as the alarm sounds.

If you want to install CCTV cameras and motion sensors for securing yourself from intruders, simply contact locksmith hackensack nj. They are trained professionals and make your home secure against all kinds of attacks and intrusions. As this world becomes more dangerous each day because of robbers, thieves, burglars, assailants, etc. experts along with the government were able to promote home safety through security devices. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid at night so long you have good illumination system, surveillance cameras and a stun gun. By having these items, you will always have peace of mind all the daylong especially during sleeping hours.