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The roof of a residence is the most ignored part of any residence, but that’s okay – it’s just the roof. It’s not like you or anyone else climbs up there occasionally and walks around. It should be fine… right?

Well, not really.

The outside elements, including the heat from the sun, high winds, heavy rain and snow can cause normal deterioration on a roof. Depending on the kind of shingle you have, who did the fitting, and even if it was installed appropriately has a huge effect on how long your roof has before you are going to have to change it with a new one.

Depending on where your residence is located, different areas affect dissimilar roofs in a different way. For example, a home’s roof in dry warm weather will bear much more heat than a home’s roof in severely cold climates. Weather is a major factor when it comes to roof repair pembroke pines.

Types of Shingles

The asphalt shingle is the trendiest shingle and is possibly the highest recommended, preferred roof shingle of all. When installed appropriately, the heat from the sun causes the asphalt to make softer and it “somewhat” seals and secures itself. Although it does have a short life span of no more than 20 years, it is rather cheap. Plus, if you purchase and set up correctly the coated asphalt shingles, and it meets the necessities, you may meet the standards and be eligible for a return.’ Moreover, roofing contractor can give you better advice regarding the security structure.

Wood shingles, although are considered to be the most preferred, they are a bit more costly. The reason most people choose these roofs is because of their innate beauty and design. Depending on the type of wood you decide to go with, you can be expecting a roof to last at least 20 years, sometimes even as long as 30 years in some cases.