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There are several things you can do yourself when it comes to roof repair during your regular inspections. Other things, on the other hand, will necessitate more extensive repairs, which would necessitate the hiring of a professional contractor. If you notice any of these signs, you’ll know it’s time to call in the experts.


If your roof is buckling, it’s a sign that it wasn’t installed appropriately or it doesn’t have adequate ventilation. You could try to do it on your own, but safety is a problem. You’ll need to replace a few of the shingles or perhaps even install additional ventilation. This is one of those things that are improved left to the experts because they have the requisite safety training.

Dry Rot

If you have dry rot on your roof, it could indicate a larger problem in areas you can’t see. Dry rot virtually destroys the wood, rendering it unusable and unable to hold weight. These must be fixed before they deteriorate further. You can also remove the dry rot or fill it in with filler to completely change the wood. Of course, in an ideal world, the wood would be treated and replaced. Then, certainly, you would require repairing the leaky roof.

Skylight Leaking                                                                                                       

If water is leaking through a skylight, you may need to hire a specialist. Minor leaks may be fixed with sealant, but significant leaks will necessitate more expertise and experience to repair.


If you see dripping and you require pots to collect the water, then it’s a definite sign that you need to call a roofer. And if you see dripping, you most likely have some other damage also. As soon as the weather gets better, you should contact roofing contractor pembroke pines to come out to assess the damage.