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When you look to sell breitling watch, a great starting place is your watch’s serial number and model number. It is also useful (but not necessary) if you can give store receipts, warranty papers and service record as these assist to understand your watch’s history and verify its genuineness. This extra information will increase our valuation when you look to sell your old Breitling watch.

Your Watch Pack will reach your destination at their workshop the next working day. Once processed, it will be confirmed, inspected and evaluated by their luxury watch experts who have many years of combined experience. At their workshop best dealers will systematically test all features of your watch, including the quality of its materials, its time-keeping dependability and its general condition. Rest assured that all features of our findings will be discussed with you when they let you know what your watch is valuable.

The UK luxury second watch market is presently floating and stable and costs for Luxury Brands have traditionally risen almost every year; so much so that lots of consumers think about their pocket watch as a stable investment, and an item of inherent pleasure. For example, Breitling announced an average cost increase of 7.5% in January 2020, though this varied according to the specific Breitling model.

They have found that lots of of our discerning customers often part exchange their old watches for an upgrade. Perhaps they have lastly found their holy grail of a luxury watch in a newer model! They recognize that individual tastes evolve over time, and lots of customers may want to change and switch-up their collections.

When they offer you with our 100% assured Offer, then they will discuss their assessment rationale to facilitate you to fully know how they arrived at the cost for your watch.