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If your home is not properly secure, you will be jeopardizing your valuables as well as the safety of your family. Houses with faulty, ineffective, or broken locks can become a target for criminals looking for a quick payday. Locksmith offers a wide range of services designed to enhance the security of your home and secure your belongings. Making a minor modification to your house locks will reduce your chances of being a victim of a robbery.

When you move to a new place, rekeying the locks is also necessary. A simple security check of the house will give you enough information about the strong and weak points of the security.  A lost key would most likely simply vanish, but if it falls into the possession of a thief, your home is at risk. Don’t risk it; get your locks rekeyed as soon as you know a key has been lost or stolen. If this occurs, contact locksmith newark to rekey or replace your locks.

When a lock is rekeyed, the existing locks are modified such that they only accept the new key and not the old one. Once a lock has been rekeyed, no old keys can unlock the door. This process is fast, but it necessitates the use of specialized tools and skills that most ordinary citizens lack. The aim of rekeying your locks is to prevent any unauthorized person from entering your home. When you buy a new home, you have no idea how many keys the previous owners might have given away. A locksmith can rekey all of the locks in your house so that one key will work for every door. Along with rekeying and replacing your current locks, a locksmith will recommend added safety features like installing grilles or bars, alarm systems, and CCTV systems to improve the safety of your home.