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You must keep your pocket watches away from water and also from fire. These can be utilized by both men and women. But the fact remains that women mostly do not prefer this kind of watch. They can keep it in their pocket or hang it around their neck.

As a concept, the pocket watches were introduced a long back. Even nowadays, its craze is still lasting. There have been lots of variations over time in these pocket watches. Now you can get metallic pocket watches, cartoon character pocket watches, besides jewelry studded pocket watches and so many more. For all these, the prices will vary depending on the quality of the watches as well as their age. The older the watches get, the more costly they will be. Many people love collecting antique pocket watches as a hobby. Whenever you require watch servicing near me preferring the renowned technician is wise choice.

At one time, pocket watches were generally used as a style statement or rather as a status symbol. But with time, these have started being used today as handiness goods.

There are two types of pocket watches. The open watch has no covers and one will be capable to check the time at a glance. The more costly watches come along with an inclusion in order to care for the watch from inside. Sometimes these enclosures of pocket watches would have design outside and pictures embossed inside.

Pocket watches were utilized when people did not have a preference wearing wrist watches. For them, these pocket watches are very convenient, actually as suitable as the wrist watch itself. Some people even have a first choice using open pocket watches rather than the ones with enclosures in order to save out on the time that is required for opening and closing the watch enclosures.