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The face of commercial and residential security can forever changed with the invention of the cylindrical lock. For more than 100 years the cylindrical lock has turn out to be the standard on doors all over the world.

Of course, as times change, so does the necessity for additional security with adoptable choices that meet the requirements of every property owner.  The development of two different types of cylindrical locks(single cylinder and double cylinder) reflects one of those requirements.

Single cylinder locks are more common than double, though that trend is starting to change.  Single cylinder lockshave only one lock cylinder, as the name implies.  Doorsoutfitted with single cylinders are unlocked with a key from the outside, but do not require a key for unlocking from the interior of the property.  Instead, the door is unlocked with a thumb turn-style lever.

Double cylinder locks contain two cylinders.  A key is required for locking and unlocking from both the exterior and the interior of the property.  There is no thumb-turn mechanism on a double cylinder lock.

As already mentioned, single cylinder locks are more common than double cylinder.  The two main reasons for this are efficiency and economy.  Single cylinder locks are usually less costly to purchase and install than double cylinders.  They are also more convenient, since there’s no need to hunt down a key to lock the door from the inside.  A simple thumb turn locks the door.

This might beg the question: why bother installing a double cylinder lock?  The main reason for doing so is better protection.  This is particularly true for doors that have locks which are located close to adjacent windows(i.e. an arm’s reach.)  A common issue with residential break-and-enters is closeness of windows to outer doors.  Would be burglars have to only smash the glass nearest the door, reach through, and open the thumb turn from the door’s interior side.  This makes for a fast and simple prohibited entry.

Installing double cylinder locks on exterior doors eliminates this problem.  Since there is no thumb turn, thieves cannot reach inside to unlock doors manually through broken windows. 

Home and business owners typically cite “inconvenience” as the number one reason for avoiding the use of double cylinder locks.  However they might decrease the odds of break-and-enters by 50 percent or more.  Residential and commercial property owners who have any glass within an arm’s reach of door locks should think about hiring the services of locksmith new brunswick nj for installing double cylinder locks and/or deadbolts for an extra measure of protection. They always offer best and professional services to the client at very reasonable rates.